Project Statement

A Note from Kirby Gookin, Curatorial Advisor

PLEASE JOIN US ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 15th AT 1:00 pm  (on the east side of Bowery, between 1st St. and Bleecker) as we lead a public tour to visit the artists’ works.
For The Treemendous Project, artists have chosen a site where a tree has either been damaged or felled by Hurricane Sandy and created an art intervention that in some way addresses or memorializes trees, nature, life, etc.   A sign marks each work, thereby unifying it under the project’s overall rubric.   In addition, a small publication (available soon at ) documents the project.   It includes a packet of wildflower seeds that can be planted in a barren tree plot or added to enhance an existing tree plot.   We encourage others to not only plant seeds in the city but to join us by creating their own Treemendous intervention and then adding an image and its location to our site.   Right Click here >> The Treemendous Project Sign << to download the PDF version of our “plantation” sign.  We recommend that you print it on clear acetate and staple it to a 5.5 x 8.5 inch wood plaque with a natural finish.


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