Artist Project

Melissa Lee

In the backdrop, the sunlight is exuberantly playing on East River. The golden glints on the water are shimmering so much so that they are blinding. In addition, the viewers get quite a nice cityscape. Yet, this is only one side of the perspective. Once they zoom out a little, they would discover a remote tree stump in the corner of desolate land. The stump gets lost in the view of joggers or pedestrians amidst the undisturbed view. By creating a temporary space within the frame, my work is to place the stump back into the viewers’ prospect.This tree stump is the embodiment of struggle for life after catastrophe. Therefore, it should not be overlooked. More so, it is never tobe forgotten.

Lee,Melissa-eLOCATION:  East River Park, along bike path, near 17th St.


One thought on “Melissa Lee

  1. This tree stump is actually located in Stuyvesant Cove Park. It was a casualty of Hurricane Sandy- large wooden beams from old docks came in with the storm surge and rubbed the bark off of this tree, making it’s survival impossible. There may be many more tree casualties in the spring as the salts that remains in the soil disrupts the plant’s ability to take up water.

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