Artist Project

Lizzie Wee

LOCATION:  Washington Street,  north of Charles.






Untitled, 2012.

Sculpture, made of: wood, paint, paper.

Here on a less crowded street, there is a tree stump in the line of fenced trees. After the hurricane, this tree seems to be the only one  removed. I was inspired by the ephemeral nature of social awareness regarding natural disasters (and with other headlining news). By creating a small wooden box with the words: Take One, and filling it with meticulously folded paper profiles of individuals who were killed during the storm, I hope to subtly influence the viewer and especially the brave individuals who interact with the work to remember the damage the storm did not only to our trees but to people in our community in and around New York.

All text and images were taken from Whitney Hess’ blog which was a great resource and help in creating this work.


One thought on “Lizzie Wee

  1. This is a fantastic project, thank you! Note that the fallen tree in this photo is on Greenwich Street at the corner of Charles Street, across the way from The Stephan Weiss Studio/Urban Zen Center, which you can actually see in the left side of the photograph. – Artbyte

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