Artist Project

Lauren Farahani

LOCATION:  Christopher Street, south side of entrance to Hudson River Park.

DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK:  This piece used small slips of ivory paper to convey facts about hurricane Sandy which still affect New York and New Jersey residents. Many residents are living in homes with extensive damage and without heat or electricity. Although FEMA has offered assistance, this is rarely enough to get victims of the storm back on their feet. The tristate area suffered millions in damage, and hundreds of thousands of trees were toppled by the storm. Some of the trees torn down by Sandy in New York’s Central Park were up to six feet in diameter and took decades to grow. The piece asked the viewer to choose a ‘Sandy Fact’ which resonated with them and pick it from the tree. The opposite side of the paper contained the following: “Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to Hurricane Sandy relief” to inspire the viewer to take action.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: This work is meant to inspire the viewer to interact with nature. As New Yorkers, many of us rarely interact with nature, just as many of us see disasters and tragedies on television and other news sources but we rarely take action. I chose to place this piece downtown because downtown Manhattan was without power after the storm, so many of its residents experienced problems from Sandy or know friends and family that have suffered severe losses from the Storm. These viewers would be more likely to respond to an urban intervention about Sandy and more understanding of the pain it caused. The piece acts as a reminder that although the media storm has subsided, the effects of Sandy are still long lasting. By taking home a physical reminder of Sandy, viewers receive recognition for their donation and something to keep those less fortunate in their thoughts.

Farahani,Lauren-e     image



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