Artist Project

Jenn Park

Park,Jenn-f Park,Jenn-e Park,Jenn-b Park,Jenn-gLOCATION:  Bowery, east side, between Bleecker & 1st Street.

“Who’s Protecting Who?” Annealed wire & thread.

Consider the New Yorker. He walks the busy streets with his head straight and eyes down. In this every-growing city, we exist in our own bubble, our own microcosm… But take that extra effort to look around, and maybe you’ll stumble onto something wonderful. This instillation is a dialogue between security and the elusive. Wire and thread circumvent and “anchor” a young tree to it’s station, bringing into question: Who is protecting who? The tree acts as a foundation for the linear structure, yet also, the victim, the subject of protection. The almost invisible materials can only be seen to those to look up from their busy lives, available to those who can break away from the spectacle called their busy lives.


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